Welcome to the Delaware Space Grant Consortium's website.  My name is William H. Matthaeus, and I am a Unidel Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware, in Newark DE.  I took on the duties of Interim Director of Delaware Space Grant in January 2016 and was officially named Director in September 2016.

The Delaware Space Grant program is funded by NASA in order to train students and researchers in the state of Delaware in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and geography.

By means of this training, the state of Delaware aims to help in contributing to the technically literate workforce which NASA will need in the years ahead.

A primary goal of Delaware Space Grant is to provide academic-year tuition award and fellowship opportunities to undergraduates and graduates who attend colleges in the Consortium. I strongly encourage students at the Consortium colleges and universities to consider applying for these funds at the appropriate time of year.

Funds are also provided for research infrastructure which will assist in the training of students and post-doctoral fellows in a variety of NASA-related fields. The program supports internships in industry and at NASA centers, both during the summer, and also during the academic year. Funding is also provided for a significant number of programs which are aimed at professional development of pre-college teachers.

In my role as Director of the Delaware Space Grant Program, I have the responsibility to see that the funds which are provided to the state by NASA are distributed as fairly as possible among the various constituents who can optimize Delaware’s contribution to NASA’s training mission. My goal is to see that students in all areas of the state of Delaware, at two-year colleges as well as at four-year colleges, learn about Space Grant and take advantage of the opportunities. In particular, I am committed to diversity in the distribution of NASA Space Grant funds among the citizens of Delaware.

In discharging these responsibilities, I receive assistance and advice from the members of the Advisory Board, as well as from the Associate Directors, who represent the various academic fields which are of primary importance to the NASA enterprise.

The day-to-day operations of Delaware Space Grant, as well as the business interactions with NASA headquarters, are carried out by the Program Coordinator, Cathy Cathell.