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Development of Liquid and Gas Microfluidics Devices for Remote Astrobiology Applications

Chemical and Polymer Functionalization of Nanodiamonds

Field Investigations of Microbialites from Pavillion and Kelly Lakes

Remote Sensing and Precision Irrigation to Improve Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency

Pulsed Thermal Lense Laser Spectroscopy
Applied research in nonlinear optics and laser spectroscopy.

Robotics Lab Research in Aerial Vehicles
Current research is centered around biomimetic microrobots, from investigating the underlying principles of aerial and aquatic animal locomotion to the construction and control of intelligent machines for similar tasks or environments.

Center for Remote Sensing
The Center for Remote Sensing serves as a focal point for basic and applied research on remote sensing of the physical, geological, and biological properties of the oceans and the coastal zone. The Center employs about a dozen faculty, staff, graduate students, and visiting scientists.

Evolution of Stars to the Supernova Stage

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