Biography of Dr. Dermott J. Mullan

D. J. Mullan is a member of the Bartol Research Center in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware, where he has been Professor since 1982.

He was appointed Director of NASA’s Delaware Space Grant Consortium in 2005, and Director of NASA’s EPSCoR program in 2007. Mullan’s research interests include gas flows in stellar atmospheres, and how these interact with magnetic fields. These studies include theoretical modeling of convection, acoustic wave generation and propagation, flares, starspots, mass loss from cool stars, solar mass loss from discrete sources, MHD shock structure and propagation in the heliosphere, refraction of MHD waves in the solar wind, and chromospheric/coronal heating by reconnection and by acoustic processes. This research, which has been funded mainly by NASA grants, relies on analysis of data from a broad variety of spacecraft.

Mullan has been PI on observing programs with the spacecraft IUE, SMM, ROSAT, EUVE, SOHO, and SPITZER, and has been PI on archival data analysis programs with the spacecraft ISEE, IUE, IRAS, EINSTEIN, EXOSAT, and YOHKOH. His teaching experience includes graduate and undergraduate courses on Atomic and Molecular Structure, Introduction to Astrophysics, Plasma Astrophysics, Stellar Structure, Astrobiology, and Solar Physics.

In 2009, based on his Solar Physics course, he published a textbook entitled “Physics of the Sun: a First Course” (CRC Press).


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